How Did I Learn English

Hello everyone, good day. Today, I wanted to write down this question that I often hear whenever I meet someone new.

My acquaintance with English dates back to the age of 8. Before I started my English education at school, I was sent to an English course by my father, whose vision I admired. The course I was sent to was also a disciplined course. When we couldn’t get high scores on the quizzes, our weekend was spent in the study room.

Then I met the computer and of course computer games. I guess I’m one of the last members of the generation who read dictionaries to understand the stories of the games. If we leave aside the special English courses I learned from the games, I can say that my education was more productive than all the English education I have received in my life.

As I got older, as if computer games weren’t enough, I started to be curious about hardware and software in computers. I started to spend most of my time in foreign forums because I had difficulty finding Turkish content. I had a chance to learn and practice a lot of vocabulary while discussing processors, graphics cards, the new version of Windows with the people there.

I couldn’t skip the preparatory class because there was compulsory English preparation in my high school and I was the first graduate of my high school. I can say that the one-year preparatory education I received was very inefficient.

As I got older, my practice of speaking and understanding English improved, but my Grammar knowledge weakened. Because it was boring to repeat the grammar topic. Although, even in my mother tongue Turkish, I have some problems with grammar.

Another thing my father instilled in me was the culture of cinema. I’ve been watching movies with subtitles instead of dubbing for as long as I can remember. The effect of this on my mastery of this language is truly incredible. For about 3 years, I started watching movies with English subtitles. (including non-English films)

In the speaking part, I am very confident and I think I have fluent English. The reason for this is that I have been practising English with foreign people on the internet or in real life for many years. I realized that I could speak and became more fluent in English. I also tasted different cultures from different geographies. This has been and continues to be an added value that has changed my perspective on life.

At the same time, the software settings of all technological devices I use are also in English. In other words, English is fully integrated into my life. Now I’m thinking of applying these things to Spanish gradually. I hope that what I told you motivated you and gave you an idea about ways to learn this language. See you in my new articles.



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Kaan Can Calkan

Former Web Developer Now Sap Consultant have a great interest in everything related to information technologies. Trying to share my ınformation with you.