Minimalist Approach in Web Development

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Minimalism is derived from the word “minimum”, which is transmitted from French to our language. Minimalism is the philosophy that aims to adapt simplification to life. The simplification in quantity is aimed to bring quality to the fore. The word minimalist is the name given to people and designs who have adopted minimalism as their principle. This philosophical trend, which aims simplicity to purify people from unnecessary objects and phenomena and turn them towards the primary goals in their lives, has started to find a place for itself in the world of design.

In web design, limited colour palettes are used in the Minimalism movement. This trend adopts the principle of staying out of certain colours rather than drowning in wide colour palettes. Many minimalist designs are monochromatic or use only one bold colour. Other shades of this colour are used to highlight the most important elements of the site.

Minimalist designers examine each element in their interface. All items that do not support the basic function of the site and are not required to be on the site are removed from the site. It is used not to add additional design elements or actual graphics to create visual interest or direct interest. User interaction is not used unless necessary.

In minimalist designs, the designer uses fonts very actively to convey the meaning of the site. The bold, italic and underlined texts are related to the story the designer wants to tell the user. Users can ignore overformed post like ads. For this reason, plain formatting should be used as much as possible.

For web designers, working with overformed text in a minimalist design is like diving into deep water without using an oxygen cylinder. It allows you to go deeper, but it is also very risky if used well, a unique look and storytelling can be obtained, but if used badly, the result is unfortunately disappointing.

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