My Experience with Linux Dual Boot as a Windows User

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Since the first computer came to my house in 2003, I have always used Microsoft’s Windows operating system like many other people. My adventure started with XP and continues with Windows 10.

Unlike other people, since I met the computer, I have always enjoyed the indescribable pleasure of tampering with the computer, examining how it works, changing things. It has always been a pleasure for me to make patches by changing the game files of the games I play, changing the look of Windows as much as Microsoft allows and getting a unique look.

I met Linux for the first time at a cyber security event at Boğaziçi University. Until then, Linux was a complex operating system where everything terrifying to me was done with code. When it was said that we can use Linux with a virtual machine at the event, I installed it with Oracle Virtual Box as soon as the event was over. At that time, I installed Kali Linux because I was following the Mr. Robot series like many other people. However, after the installation, I could not do the driver updates and at some point I was bored and left.

In my spare time, I was looking at some videos on YouTube and making the boring interface of Widows more attractive. With the Rain Meter and Nexus Dock, I was able to make the Windows interface beautiful to a point. However, I realized that somehow I wasn’t able to provide the exact user experience I wanted.

I’ve always been fascinated by Apple’s design language. However, since I never liked being restricted, my previous Ios adventure was also short. However, I used the icons and the interface on the android phone I used with Ios icons.

For this reason, I wanted to give the Mac Os operating system a chance. My goal was to use the Mac operating system in my virtual machine to work and produce something while using the Windows operating system for gaming. However, this adventure has ended due to the incompatibility of the Mac operating system with the hardware I use.

Then, with a simple search on the internet, it came to my mind that I could create a Linux system similar to a Mac interface that would run faster than it. I did my research on the internet and installed Linux Mint on my virtual machine. It was an amazing experience, the interface was very similar to Apple, but I was able to make it much different with many features I added myself.

But there was a problem. Since it is on the virtual machine, I was having some stuttering from time to time. For a computer perfectionist like me, this was unacceptable. Therefore, it was time to install this system on my host machine. However, most of the software I used and the games I played were working with Windows. I could not give up Windows. As a result of my research on the internet, I learned that I can run 2 operating systems on a dual boot machine.

I made the necessary disk configurations and installed Linux Mint on my machine. However, I could not introduce my second monitor to the system. Dual monitors were important to me as my Linux system would be the operating system for me. For this reason, I switched to the Ubuntu distribution. It made me very happy that it recognized my second monitor as soon as it was loaded. However, I encountered an error during dual boot and had to go back to windows boot manager. I solved my problems with a simple google search

Writing code in Linux is a really different experience to produce something, drawing with Figma. Speed and stability are enormous. Since I have a very powerful processor like Ryzen 7 3750h and have a 16 GB Ram and, I definitely cannot say that I have a slow experience while using Windows. However, on the Windows side, to be able to make a web development by consuming 11 GB of RAM with 4.5 GB with Linux is the area where Linux distributions are the most assertive.

The feeling of freedom offered by Linux was very nice. It was an incredible pleasure for me to search the internet for every mistake I received and solve them with terminal codes. While I knew the basic git commands before going on this adventure, learning many Linux commands in this adventure was a win-win situation for me.

It provides many tools for Linux developers in the field of Software Development. I use the GIT Kraken, Vs Code and Gpick color picker very actively. Many other tools I use are available on the web so I didn’t need to download them.

I have tried numerous Linux distributions for about 3 weeks. KDE Plasma and Elementary OS was a very nice experience. However, I personally think Ubuntu is the Linux distribution that appeals to my needs and tastes the most.

To summarize my article, Windows has become a game system for me. Except for some special software needs (like SAP Logon) I spend most of my time using Linux. In this process, while gaining more control over terminal codes, I increase my productivity with a stable system that appeals to my eyes.

I have a great interest in everything related to information technologies.

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