My Story of Making Maladaptive Dreaming Disorder an Advantage

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Hello to everyone. In this article, I will talk about how I made my maladaptive daydreaming disorder an advantage rather than a disadvantage. I did not study psychology, so the parts mentioned in this article that are without resources are my own experiences.

Let’s first define the maladaptive daydreaming disorder. Maladaptive daydreaming is a psychological disorder that negatively affects a person’s life and is defined by the intense, frequent, long-term fantasy behaviour that has difficulty in stopping.

Since maladaptive daydreaming is a new definition in the field of mental health, it has not yet found a place in diagnostic books. (Source:

I also spent about 23 years living with this disease without knowing the name of this disease. I have always seen myself as different from other people because of this disease. This affected my life in a negative way, as I was constantly interested in the wonderful world I had in my head, in the mosque on the street at school.

Before I knew about this disease, I was always worried that one day I would forget the difference between my fantasy and reality one day. Hearing the name of this disease and having the opportunity to talk to Ms Çağla, a psychologist who studies in this field, has been a great help in getting to know myself.

The effects of maladaptive daydreaming disease on me were as follows: Establishing many different worlds in my imagination, creating a new reality with details such as the dialogues of the characters in those worlds, the events in that world, the design of that world, and escape from real life.

In every event that would make me happy or unhappy, this situation was triggered, taking me from real life and dragging me into that comfortable world where all the power is in my hands. Later, when I went deeper, I realized that this situation was the result of my intolerance of uncertainty. Because I can control everything in my world. Everything is happening as it should.

After learning about this disease, researching it and talking to other people with this disease, I realized that this disease actually has its positive sides, and that people like me and I can think of creative ideas that many people cannot think of.

Ever since I was little, I have always been able to bring my practical intelligence to an advantage, especially in my school life. In fact, the realization that the source of this intelligence depends on this disease, instead of hating this disease, started thinking about how I can integrate this disease into my own life goals, and it made me take this disease from a disadvantage to an advantage.

I started daydreaming about my job for 10 minutes before going to my computer. Before designing a site, I dreamed of starting to make that site, creating an image in my dream, and then trying to reach this image by going to the computer. I really got an amazing effect. People I discarded my work found much more successful than my previous work. After that, I started doing this for every job I had to do on the computer.

The most frustrating part of the maladaptive daydreaming disease is that the perfect events you imagine don’t have real-life counterparts. This really isolates you from the outside world and causes you to close in your inner world. I started dreaming about the works I had to do in my life, the technologies I had to learn. I had an incredible sense of satisfaction as I made many of my dreams come true this way.

This disease can be a blessing as well as a plague depending on the way you live your life. I changed my perspective on this disease and turned it into a blessing at least in the last 2 months. I now see myself as a person who can dream in his mind that many people cannot dream, rather than a sick person.

Finally, I would like to give advice to people who think they have this disease like me.

1) Realize your value. Many other people don’t have as much thought and imagination skills as you.

2) If your dreams are not coming true, if it hurts you, avoid fantasy dreams. Dreaming that you can make in real life can be setting a goal for yourself at some point.

3) There are many Discord server Facebook groups on the internet that are related to this issue. Feel free to go into these and communicate with other people.

4) You probably see yourself as an odd person because there is no one like you around you. This encourages you to stay alone and away from social life. Loneliness is your worst enemy. Do not be alone, share this situation with people you trust

5) Don’t stand idle. I’m not saying work constantly, but when you’re not working, try to keep your mind busy with activities such as reading books, watching TV series, playing games, or chatting with someone.

6) If you have not chosen a profession yet, do not choose a profession you do not like Because every subject that you are not interested in, every environment, every social environment will automatically push you into the dreaming disorder.

I have a great interest in everything related to information technologies.

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